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Town of Easton, MA

Comment received by Easton Building Commissioner from a Contractor using Easton’s E-Permitting PermitEyes solution: “Just to let you know…your permit...

Lenox, MA

Mr Bill Thornton, Building Commissioner for the Town of Lenox , who helped develop the Berkshire online permitting system said...

Town of Middleborough, MA

We were with our previous vendor for 10 years and in an effort to improve and automate our permitting and...

Berkshire County

“The electronic convenience, technical support, training and ease of use made Full Circle Technologies a clear choice for the Berkshire County towns.  Full Circle Technologies provided training to all building permitting and licensing employees and has been instrumental in developing customized forms and documents that be in compliance with state regulations.  The technical support has been excellent and Full Circle has been very responsive to our individual needs.  Full Circle has been a wonderful partner in   helping our small towns automate their permitting and  licensing process.“

City of Chicopee, MA

Our search process was fairly extensive and included the evaluation of 4 – 6 vendors. Full Circle impressed us from...

FCT Collaboration made Possible!

Congratulations to the 7 towns in Berkshire County for being selected as the  winner of the 4th Annual Massachusetts Excellence in Technology Award. This  award honors outstanding achievements and recognizes innovative initiatives in  public sector technology work across the Commonwealth.  Full Circle Technologies is proud to have provided the e-permitting technology  to make this cross-boundary collaboration possible.

Town of Maynard, MA

“Full Circle Technologies has been extremely responsive, timely, and all inclusive in its software implementation, execution and training. We can streamline our town hall’s operations and record keeping process with Full Circle’s online programs.  Implementing new software is never flawless, but Full Circle Technologies was very responsive and jumped right on any issues before they become problems.Full Circle Technologies made sure we had the software working the way we wanted it and that continues to this day. The Full Circle program has allowed us to track all activity relating to building and board of health in a customizable format. Our people can access the information wherever they are. I would without hesitation , recommend Full Circle Technologies to any town converting from a paper based model to an online system. It has been 1-1/2 years since we went live and we have been extremely pleased with the product and service we’ve received.”

Town of Easton, MA

“The Conservation Dept has had Full Circle Technology’s program for years and we are very satisfied. Because of our positive...