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PermitEyes 20/20

Permitting at your fingertips, wherever you are.

  • PermitEyes 20/20 is a web-based program designed specifically for your community's needs. As a full-integrated town-hall system, all departments can share information and responsibilities to complete the permitting or licensing process more efficiently, more effectively, and with much less paper waste.

Android Compatible

Inspectors can sync their upcoming inspections, complete check-off lists, fill in inspection forms, take photos, and complete their field work using our mobile app.

pay online

Applicants can submit their applications and pay online through a secure payment portal. Staff can view and track payments and report on incoming funds.


We have over 80 clients in New England, with a focus on Massachusetts. We're local, which means means we're in your time zone and ready to help!


Our latest edition of PermitEyes is a fully-integrated town hall system where all departments can gain access to permit information by utilizing one single program.

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