Testimonials from our Clients

“Easton uses Full Circle’s PermitEyes for planning, conservation, zoning board of appeals, building, board of health, licensing
(through the Board of Selectmen), and fire. It is a very robust product that not only allows applicants to submit permit applications
online, it supports full document uploads associated with the applications, integrated review of applications across departments,
the ability to request quotes from peer reviewers, receive their quotes, notify applicant’s and receive their deposits to cover
peer review costs. All fees are paid online through PermitEyes, Staff reports and peer review reports are also uploaded. The public has
access to applications and documents. In short, the system is very effective and makes it much easier for applicants to do business with
the town and [for] employees to work more efficiently.”

Stephanie Danielson

Director of Planning & Economic Development -- Easton, MA

“We haven't had a single piece of paper in this office since January 2, 2013."

Bill Thornton

Building Commissioner -- Lenox, MA

“The electronic convenience, technical support, training, and ease of use made Full Circle Technologies a clear choice
for the Berkshire County towns. Full Circle Technologies provided training to all building permitting and licensing employees
and has been instrumental in developing customized forms and documents that be in compliance with state regulations.
The technical support has been excellent and Full Circle has been very responsive to our individual needs. Full Circle has been a
wonderful partner in helping our small towns automate their permitting and licensing processes.”

Tom Carmody

Building Commissioner/Zoning -- Berkshire County, MA

"We were with our previous vendor for 10 years and in an effort to improve and automate our permitting and licensing,
we looked at three major vendors. As part of our due diligence, we spoke with other cities and towns that had already upgraded
from paper to an online model to see how they felt about the vendors they had selected. Full Circle Technologies
kept coming to the top. It was the vendor everyone enjoyed working with and was the most flexible.”

Bob Whalen & Tara Pirraglia

Middleborough, MA